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Ways to Help Learn Multiplication Tables

(1) Start by reinforcing addition and subtraction fact families using pre-printed triangular flash cards, blank flash cards you can write specific problems on, or a handheld electronic game (the game does multiplication and division also!).

(2) Get your child a yearly subscription to This is an online skills-based practice website. The site has hundreds of skills available for each grade. The kids love the fun feedback and the badges that they earn as they progress through the skills. Start by making sure your child is fluent in addition and subtraction facts, then move on to multiplication facts. They should set aside time every day to practice.

(4) Do your kids like puzzles? Here are some fact family puzzles to print out:

(5) Once they're confident, strive for fluency by introducing timed tests which can be found here:


 Now it's time to work on those multiplication tables!

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