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This is a fantastic calculator for all grades. It does a great job of simplifying fractions and square roots.

This calculator is great for graphing and accepted for use on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT college entrance exams. It is also approved for use on AP exams that allow a graphing calculator.

Digital Tablets

If you need a digital tablet for remote tutoring, this is the tablet I use and highly recommend. It plugs into a laptop with a USB plug.

This digital tablet is wireless. It can use either Bluetooth or USB plug.

Paper & Notebooks

Graph paper, 3-hole punch.

College ruled lined paper, 3-hole punch.

Wide ruled lined paper, 3-hole punch.

Wide-ruled composition books. Fun colors! Good for students to take to tutoring for documenting skills and examples.

Wide-ruled composition books. Good for students to take notes, record concepts, and document examples.

Pens & Pencils

Great mechanical pencils with extra lead and erasers! 

Mechanical pencils with 0.7 lead, fun colors, and students love the grip!

Mechanical pencils with 0.7 lead, kids love to shake the pencil to advance the lead!

Mechanical pencils, 0.7mm, #2 leads, good for standardized tests.

Gel pens, add some flair to taking notes.


High-quality eraser, erases cleanly, doesn't smear. A favorite among students!

Fun shape, easy to hold, minimal eraser dust, doesn't smudge.

The classic Pink Pearl eraser! Corners help erase details. Doesn't smear.

The "pebble" eraser! Fun to use, no smudges, edge good for detailed erasing.

Adorable puzzle erasers! Why not have fun while you're doing math!

Geometry Supplies

Good quality compass, holds the shape of circles and arcs well. Don't skimp on buying a compass.

Plastic protractors, not flexible. Good for keeping at your desk or in a rigid pencil pouch so it won't break. 

Flexible plastic protractor. Good for keeping in a backpack or soft pencil pouch.

Flexible small 6-inch ruler, good for tossing in a pencil case.

Flexible 12-inch ruler, good for tossing in a backpack.

Basic heavy weight 3"x 5" index cards.

Fun pocket folders!

Blank Flash Cards

Small flash cards of different colors already arranged on a binder ring.

Great for organizing papers!

Spiral-bound index cards.


Expanding file folder.

Plastic case to hold 3" x 5" index cards.

Colorful expanding file folders.

Index cards in a plastic binder.

Desk organizer

These are so helpful for graphing!

Sticky Notes

Use these to flag places in your book or notes where you have a question.

These are great page markers.

More page markers in fun colors!

Little sticky notes in bright colors! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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